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Images are essential to a blog. They add interest and keep your audience engaged. Ivory Mix gives you access to high-quality stock photos and templates. Use Ivory Mix to liven up your content and give it a boost of color! There are three plans to choose from, and the details of each plan are discussed in this article.      

When I first started blogging, I found it intimidating to add supporting content such as photos and templates. I do not consider myself a graphic designer, and scrolling through endless amounts of stock photography seemed like a massive waste of time. 

Apart from time constraints, I struggled to find a stock photography provider due to branding. Many stock photos were either animated (with no continuation of a specific animation), scenic (which do not go with my brand), or futuristic. It was a huge hassle to find a stock photo site that fit my needs while still easy to use.

I was relieved to find Ivory Mix!

Ivory Mix photography looks and feels like my brand. After checking out the website, I was enticed to learn more, so I joined the free plan. The sign-up process was followed by a video created by Kayla Marie Butler, Founder and Creator of Ivory Mix. It was such a relief to find a video that walked me through all that Ivory Mix has to offer. Kayla describes Ivory Mix as “a marketing asset and education resource for bloggers and female-owned small businesses” (How Kayla From Ivory Mix Created A Booming Online Business, 2020).

I quickly signed up for the VIP waitlist, and without hesitation, I joined a few weeks after. Since then, I’ve truly enjoyed Ivory Mix and the value it adds to my website.

Today, I’ll explain how Ivory Mix can help your business grow. If you are struggling with templates, stock photography, or writing captions – Ivory Mix could be perfect for you.  

Before we get started, make sure to sign up for my free resource library and get tons of tips and tricks to boost your blogging business.

Why use Ivory Mix?

There are so many reasons to choose Ivory Mix as your stock photo provider. Here are a few key benefits of using Ivory Mix to add images and templates to your blog. 

Grow your traffic 

For both new and established bloggers, increasing site traffic is key to growing your blog and business. 

Website traffic is essential for generating income from a business blog.

One key strategy to convert visitors into an engaged audience is by including attractive graphics. This is not just limited to stock photos, but also includes templates and captions.

Ivory Mix is a one-stop center where you can log in, get your graphics, and spruce up your blog both efficiently and quickly. With Ivory Mix, you don’t have to waste time visiting different websites for images or templates.

Blogging business owners benefit from stock photos and templates for Pinterest and many other sites. Ivory Mix makes it easy to start on day one with carefully curated images that drive traffic. Stock photography and templates are also available for Instagram feeds and stories. 

Do you frequently run out of ideas for content? With Ivory Mix, that is one more worry out of the way. The VIP membership provides content ideas that can be easily incorporated into your blogging business strategy. 

As you can see, Ivory Mix is a well-rounded stock photo site that offers you a whole lot more than just free photos.

Attract ideal clients

With Ivory Mix, you have access to visuals and caption templates to use. Captions are archived on the website with new captions delivered to your inbox every month. Leaning on Ivory Mix for content creation makes it easier to develop a following social media and website. 

Ivory Mix’s templates for lead magnets and opt-ins are an excellent solution for a starting business owner. 

Learn online business skills

If you like self-improvement, then you will love Ivory Mix. There is plenty to learn on this platform. Apart from stock photos and templates, Ivory Mix offers education in online courses through the Ivory Mix School

There are several different types of courses. Each course has a different focus. The Audience Growth Academy course teaches you how to use various platforms to grow your audience. The Level-Up Launch Accelerator takes it further and shows you how to scale your business while multiplying your income.

Increase profits 

Ivory Mix’s library of stock photography and templates make it easy for beginners to build an attractive funnel. Then, you can focus your time and effort on the critical parts of blogging – content creation and development. 

In preparation for launches, leads and freebies of your product and services can be sourced by Ivory Mix, maximizing awareness and increasing your chances to make money. 

Now that we have covered the perks of Ivory Mix let’s take a look at the membership plans.

Stock photography from Ivory Mix

The Ivory Mix membership

The Ivory Mix membership is designed to help business owners grow traffic, attract clients, and increase profits. As a member, you have access to several features, including stock photography and templates.

Stock photos and graphic templates

Ivory Mix boasts of over 4500+ exclusive and stunning photos that are ready to post. Once you’ve signed up for the membership, you receive instant access to thousands of images that are ready to download at any time. 

Photography. One hundred new photos are added every month. To make it easier for you, Ivory Mix sends out a special email to subscribers highlighting new products. Not only that, each month, props are provided to subscribers to make customized scenes. Personally, I use Canva to make videos with the props supplied by Ivory Mix. 

There is a wide variety of photos. Photography categories include business, wellness, home, parenting, fitness, health, creative, mockups, and more. Whatever your niche is, chances are, Ivory Mix has got it covered.

Easy to use interface. On Ivory Mix, finding the perfect image is not difficult. Ivory makes it easy to search for images by providing an image search bar. Downloading single or multiple images is intuitive and straightforward on the website. 

Captions and writing templates

Apart from photos, Ivory Mix provides a few other content features that you can use to make your blog more interesting.

Quotes. Each month, subscribers have access to 30+ quotes that can be used on social media. Each quote’s background can be customized with different transparencies and colors. 

Captions. Captions are great for SEO rankings and help the reader understand the photo. Ivory Mix provides 30 monthly captions with fill-in-the-blanks for customization. Engaging on Instagram is made more accessible with captions for engagement, parenting, and business.

Templates. In addition to providing captions and quotes, Ivory Mix provides templates for Pinterest, lead magnets, presentation, infographics, e-books, and more.

I use Canva to change the color scheme to templates from Ivory Mix to use again and again. Using this strategy, I keep the graphics attractive without spending too much time looking for new templates.

On-demand workshops

Every month, live workshops are available to members. Are you a busy blogger with not much time to attend live events online? Not to worry, replays of live workshops are shared via email with subscribers to view at leisure. 

I have interacted directly with Kayla during a live workshop. I enjoyed her teaching style, and most importantly, I learned so much about Instagram Reels! Kayla walked us through creating reels, strategies, and ideas on video creation. I’ve been using the tips learned from Ivory Mix workshops to grow my audience, and it has been working. 

Besides live workshops, you also have access to pre-recorded workshops emphasizing brand and niche, audience building, revenue growth, systems, and scaling. Generally, the offer workshops are well-rounded and cover every aspect of being a content creator in 2021.

What sets Ivory Mix apart from other stock photography memberships?

As you may have discovered, there are tons of stock photo websites on the Internet. The choices are endless and frequently overwhelming. You might be wondering, why should I choose Ivory Mix over the others? 

Here are some of the reasons why I prefer Ivory Mix as my go-to for graphics.

Instant access to products. Whether you are on the free, Elite, or VIP membership, it gives you instant access to stock photography. This is an excellent perk since membership is only opened a couple of times per year. While you wait, the free plan offers stock photography that you can use on your Pinterest pins, Instagram, website, t-shirts, ebooks, and almost anywhere else. 

Flexible licensing. The stock photography photo license is the most relaxed I have seen. Images can be cropped, resized, and overlaid. Paying stock photography customers and website users have a non-exclusive license to download and modify for unlimited paid commercial projects. 

Access to workshops. Elite and VIP members have access to live and recorded workshops. Workshops include strategies on how to grow your business online using Ivory Mix products. 

As mentioned before, I recently attended a workshop hosted by Kayla about Instagram Reels. In this workshop, she connected with me directly and highlighted ideas from members that also participated in the live event. As a member, I appreciated the personal attention. It shows that the people behind Ivory Mix genuinely care about the user experience of their members. 

Engaged community. Stock photos, templates, live workshops – all of that are plenty. Just in case it is not enough, there is more! The VIP membership comes with access to a thriving Facebook group. Members can share tips, ask and answer questions, share goal setting, and celebrate successes together. 

Part of taking care of your mental health as a blogger  is to seek out like-minded communities. The Facebook group is fantastic for finding support and motivation from other content creators.


VIP Bonuses 

There are definite perks to becoming a VIP Ivory Mix member. Signing up for a 12-month membership is accompanied by bonuses valued at over 700 dollars. 

Bonus #1: Audience Growth Academy

VIP members receive free access to the Audience Growth Academy, which is valued at $750. The course offers insights into growing your audience on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Blogging, Email, and brand building. As audience growth is significant in ensuring your business’s success, this course is a must.

Instagram strategies. The Audience Growth Academy helps new business owners learn about the platform and how to attract ideal clients. Kayla walks you through crafting a niche, content planning, and the best way to use hashtags. 

Positive environment. Kayla loves celebrating success both on her platform and on the Facebook group. All in all, Ivory Mix is a safe and encouraging environment for developing business owners.

Pinterest tips. Pinterest is one of the biggest drivers of website traffic. In the Audience Growth Academy, Kayla creates a Pinterest account and shares tips on optimizing your page to increase conversion rates. 

Bonus #2: Monthly Uploads

Twice per month, new uploads are added to the library. VIP members receive an email summarising the additions, making it easy to add to your business strategy. 

I have been a member for about three months, and I love receiving monthly emails. They are timely and reflective of the season and themes. As a first-year blogger, I often forget about special events. For example, during February, a mix of blue and pink-themed images was released. This helped me to remember Valentine’s day. Then, I could create relevant content for that week. 

Want to hear from me directly? Interested in unique content that you won’t find anywhere else? Sign up for my newsletter for premium Blogging Business Owner content delivered right to your inbox.  

Bonus #3: Marketing Planner

This VIP bonus blew me away! Members receive 365-days worth of content ideas and planner. 

The planner includes:

  • Content ideas
  • Hashtags 
  • Holidays 
  • Caption templates 
  • Printables 
  • Story starters. 

This is an excellent perk for new bloggers and business owners who want to connect with their audience all year long. It’s a convenient way to create interesting new content.

Tip: I have the captions and story starters pinned to my bookmarks bar so that they automatically show up when I open Google. They give me ideas on content and how to craft descriptions and captions. 

Best of all, you can choose how you like to receive the content. You can use the premade Trello board or open it in Google. 


On Ivory Mix, there are three types of membership: Free, Elite, and VIP. Let’s take a closer look at each membership and the benefits you can enjoy.

Free membership 

You can join for free and have access to some stock photos.  I started on this membership and was blown away by the number of images included in the free membership. 

Free stock photography from Ivory Mix

As a starting blogger, the number of offered pictures was enough to help me develop attractive pins. I joined the free membership while waiting for VIP to open. 

Tip: If the VIP membership is not available when you access the website, join the waitlist. 

Elite membership 

The Elite membership is paid quarterly. With the Elite membership, you can access stock photography, captions, templates, live workshops, and the Facebook group. 

Do note that the quarterly prices may change. At the time of writing, it is set at $67 per quarter. 

VIP membership 

VIP is an annual membership that includes all the Elite membership perks plus access to the Audience Growth Academy. By purchasing the yearly plan, you can save three months’ worth of money (over $100) than the Elite plan. Not only that, you have access to bonuses, making the VIP plan good value for money. 

Additional Resources

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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Below I address some of the commonly asked questions about Ivory Mix. 

What is Ivory Mix?

Ivory Mix is a platform that offers you stock photos, captions, templates, online workshops, and a community. It is targeted towards content creators seeking high-quality and relevant images.

Who created Ivory Mix?

The CEO and Founder of Ivory Mix is Kayla Butler. With a professional background as a Director and Interior Designer, Kayla started Ivory Mix as a creative outlet. It was not long before a pet project morphed into a successful stock photography business.

I’ve got my stock photos downloaded. What next?

As you use images in your blog posts, keep in mind that all photos should be SEO-friendly. Here are a few tips to optimize your images.

  • Resize the photos to an optimal size that loads quickly while still looking good.
  • Add captions to make images more meaningful to the reader.
  • Create alt text for the image so that its context is not lost even if the image does not load.
  • Ensure images are mobile-friendly. As your readers may use mobile devices of different screen sizes, your images should also scale accordingly.


Ivory Mix is an excellent stock photo site for bloggers. It offers you a selection of curated images and templates. Plus, there are workshops and a community to support your growth in your blogging journey. With three different plans to choose from, Ivory Mix has something for everyone.

Ivory Mix: A bloggers one-stop for images, templates, courses, and more

Have you tried out Ivory mix? Found the perfect image on it? Let me know in the comments or on social media.


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