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1st Month Blogging: What worked, what didn’t, plans and how I made money.


Welcome to my first monthly recap!

This recap will share insights into my blogging business, how I made it, where I invested, and your business tips. 

I share percentages and goals to help me reflect on the business and be more transparent with you. I will share my year-long goals through my tracker and percentage bubbles. 

This is my first month of blogging, and I am excited to share my reflections, earnings, and plans with you. 

How much time do you spend blogging? 

This month I spent about 2-3 hours per week. I spent most of my time dedicated to

  • Launching a WordPress site (for the first time)
  • Signing up for affiliates
  • Learning SEO
  • Online courses on social media
  • Launching Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Writing blog posts
  • Reading Ebooks

Income report in percentages 

Being my first month, I did not make money. This month, I am in the negative.

Below you’ll see my financial slider. I hope to get closer to the break-even point next month. Fingers crossed. 

Here are my January and February expenses

January Cloudways
February Cloudways
$5. 46
Website Policies
Google Workspace for January and Feb$12

Top affiliate companies 

During my first month of blogging, I signed up with ten affiliates. I plan to keep this number low during my first year. Here’s my list:

ConvertKit: ConvertKit supports small businesses with email marketing, e-commerce stores, and much more. I use ConvertKits free landing pages for months before starting my blog. It helped me start my email list and gave me a URL to start posting on my social media pages. 

Ad Inserter Pro: Ad Inserter Pro is an ad management plugin to customize the placement of ads on your website. 

Frase.AI: This is a blogger’s best-kept secret! This website gives free trials to make comprehensive outlines for your next blog. It is definitely worth a visit and I would love to know how it’s helped your business in the comment section. 

Website Policies: This service helps me sleep at night! Having a website means having a responsibility to disclose your privacy policy with users. Website Policies helps you set up your policy privacy in minutes. I love that users can buy multiple policies such as return policy and disclosures all on the same website.  

Namecheap: Namecheap is the best place to buy your domain! It is easy to use and super affordable. Best of all you don’t have to worry about high renewal fees. 

Cloudways: This is a cloud hosting service that gives new users free trials to use their service. It is easy to scale your business and set up your website. 

StudioPress: I set-up my blogging website with StudioPress Pro theme. This was the absolute best decision! After spending hours on a free theme and getting nowhere. I decided to pay for a pro theme and in a matter of minutes, I had a website! 

IvoryMix: Stock photos, Pinterest and Instagram templates, Freebie templates, Facebook group, and tutorials all on Ivory Mix! You can start for free and sign up to receive information on membership. 

Grammarly: Grammarly checks your grammar as you are writing to improve readability. It is powered by a complex AI algorithm to support your writing. 

Check out my resource page to learn about recommended products and services.

Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!

What worked 

I am grateful for the growth I’ve made in one month. 

  • WordPress! I launched my first site in under 6 hours. Stop by the blog and let me know your feedback.
  • AdSense. Google reached out to me in less than three weeks to connect me with Adsense. 
  • Freebie. My first freebie came out of necessity to have a tracker for my goals. I use it to track my 2021 goals for my blogging business. It’s been fun to review it and see how close I am to checking boxes.  
  • Tag Manager. Installed and running! 
  • Cloudways. Cloudways is the cloud platform I use to host my blog. It has excellent scalability, beginner-friendly. 
  • Branding. I zeroed in on a font I absolutely love, Nunito! This takes some people years… I hear. 

What failed 

During the first month of blogging, my health declined, and I had to close down the blog after the first week. So, even though this is my “first month,” I had less time on the platform to see it’s potential. 

Along with the blog, I also deactivated all social media. Monitoring social media and engagement are critical predictors to business success. So, I decided to deactivate until I was ready to jump back in. 

What I’ll be working on next month 

There is so much for a small business to learn, especially on an online platform. Here are a few things I’ll be working on this month. 

  • Developing a course
  • Writing blog posts to promote affiliates
  • Learning more about SEO and Google (e.g., Google AdSense and TagManager)
  • Completing the Audience Growth Academy course from Ivory Mix
  • Focus on consistency on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • Explore Quora and Reddit
  • Complete a 30 -day engagement challenge on ConvertKit Community
  • Convert affiliate links into pretty links
  • Recording for voice and video
  • Branding: I want to have some consistency on look and feel. Here are my current brand colors. 

Plans for my blogging business

Here are my year-long goals! 

Honestly, some I think I can do better, but checking boxes will help me gain momentum. 


Weighing in with 30 impressions, this was the highest-ranking pin created within the last 30 days.

Tips to Become a Blogger

Here are some blogging tips.

  • Get Grammarly. It helps tons with writing. Focus on content creation. Don’t let grammar be a deterrent. 
  • Get help from Upwork. To scale, you’ll need support. Get it from Upwork. Take time to browse profiles and make a job post that fits your needs. Be specific on the time frame and what you’ll need. 
  • Start blogging. My first blog could have a lot better, but I launched it either way. It’s beta! You can always go back and republish. 
  • Make a playlist with Spotify. I have two playlists, my writing and creative playlist. It helps with grounding. 
  • Make your setup as ergonomic as possible. Working 30 hours a week takes a toll on your body. Make your space comfortable. It makes a difference.


Looking back, I am grateful for the unexpected break. I had content ready and scheduled but had to halt unexpectantly. During that time, I completely closed my accounts and focused on my health. Shutting out was the best for reflection. Here are some reflections 

Reflection: I learned that my Pins were stagnant.
Response: I let the pins run on Tailwinds’ scheduled loop and started to boost my strategy with stories and videos.

Reflection: Instagram took way too much energy. Hello, captions.
Response: I leaned into Ivory Mix’s caption vault and identified creators who inspire me.

Reflection: Before writing a blog I leaned more towards audio and video
Response: Incorporate audio and video

Featured questions 

I want to hear from you, what questions and solutions do you have. Comment below. 

Insta Feed Copy of Jan And Feb Income Report Article
Insta Feed Copy of Jan And Feb Income Report Article


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