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A welcome email is the first email that new subscribers receive when they sign up for your newsletter. Since a welcome email has a 60% open rate, it is essential to draft and schedule. In today’s post, you will learn how to write an irresistible welcome email!

How to write a welcome email

When I first started blogging, I created an email list and started sending out newsletters to my subscribers. Writing newsletters is one of my favorite activities, and I’ve made it part of my daily routine! 

Every email has the potential to be a trust-building point. Email newsletters can be an invaluable resource to connect with your subscribers. Unique, personal and captivating; emails are one of the best marketing tools you have as a blogger.

Among all emails, there is one type of email to prioritize. The most important email that you will send is undeniably the welcome email. The welcome email is an opportunity to set predictability and expectations. It’s the first email your subscriber gets from you, and it sets the tone for all subsequent interactions. 

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Why welcome emails are important

These days, email marketing is viral among bloggers, content creators, and even big companies. Email marketing campaigns have been proven to produce results and generate significant revenue.

Of course, as a content creator, we want to show appreciation for our subscribers by welcoming them into the community using a warm welcome email. 

High open-rates

Welcome emails have a 60% open rate ( That means that more than half of all subscribers will open your very first email to them. 

Not only that, welcome emails have a high open rate in comparison to all other emails. Stats show that comparatively, available rates for welcome emails are 86% higher than all other emails ( With such high open rates, that first email becomes a golden opportunity to connect with a large part of your audience.

Subscribers expect welcome emails.

Not only do you experience a high open rate with your welcome emails, but 74% of your subscribers will also expect to receive one when they sign up ( Essentially, subscribers want welcome emails. 

Part of being an influential blogger is fulfilling the needs of your audience. It’s only natural for someone to wonder, ‘What now?’, after giving you their email address on a signup form. After all, an email address is a highly private piece of information. Your subscribers might wonder what they can get in return for sharing their email addresses with you. The welcome email answers that question. It reassures subscribers that they have indeed signed up for the content of choice.

Boosts open rates of all future emails

If that’s not enough to convince you of the importance of welcome emails, know that sending a welcome email will encourage readers to read future emails. Subscribers who received a welcome email read 40% more emails than those who did not receive a welcome email ( 

Time spent creating an excellent welcome email is an investment towards all future emails. A welcome email encourages your readers to open those income-generating promotional emails and emails related to relevant blog posts. Plus, a welcome email increases your chances of having a reasonable conversion rate. Preventing a low open rate is essential to keep your audience captivated and maintain an active email list. 

Welcome emails are essential for new subscribers. Writing an excellent welcome email requires deliberate thought and planning. 

How to Write an Engaging Welcome Email

A welcome email is by no means a short 300-word count piece of content. Include the following elements to ensure you create an engaging relationship with your subscribers. 

Introduce yourself

People can typically remember when they have subscribed to a newsletter. Even though they know the source and the motivation behind subscribing, adding an introduction about yourself, your brand, and your newsletter is essential. A well-written introduction will refresh the subscriber’s memory, set the tone, and encourage them to keep reading. 

The introduction can be as simple as letting your subscribers know about you and your blog, what motivates you, and guiding them to your “about me” page. 

Set expectations

One of the essential elements of your welcome email is to state the frequency of emails explicitly. You can use this to your advantage by hinting at future topics and perks.

A recent survey found that 45.8 percent of people unsubscribed from senders who sent too much email.


Sending too many emails is the number one reason why subscribers will opt out of emails. Share the frequency of your emails is essential to set expectations. It lets your subscribers know what to expect from you. Not only that, if your subscribers know when to expect your emails, they may look out for them, thus improving your engagement rates.  

To improve the effectiveness of your emails, consider setting up a whole series of welcome emails. To do this, you can use the sequencing options available on Convertkit.


Share helpful resources

In your first email, share resources that your subscribers could find useful. If you have a store or services, share your own resources that would be helpful for them. Showing value is a great way to convert subscribers into customers and build loyalty.

In fact, if your blogging business is based around selling products or services, consider mentioning them in the welcome email. As you can see from the statistic below, subscribers are more open to purchases immediately after subscribing.

Subscribers will often expect to learn more about your business after subscribing. Offering resources, information, and special discounts are all items that can be included in your first email. Including links in the welcome email can give a much-needed boost to your click-through rates.

On this note, if you have special promotions or exclusive deals, consider sharing those details in your welcome email. All emails to your subscribers are potential marketing mediums, even the very first welcome email.

Ask Subscribers to Whitelist You

The last thing you need is for your beautifully crafted email newsletters to land in the dreaded Spam folder. Unfortunately, this does happen. Not only that, emails that include videos, templates, or links are often filtered out into the spam folder even after a subscriber has opened an email from you in the past. To prevent ending in the spam folder, you need to be whitelisted or marked as not spam. 

Simply add a call-to-action in the welcome email, asking subscribers to add you to their contact list. Once you are added to the contact list, the email service provider will not hide your emails as spam, and your customer retention rate will increase.

Here is an example of a call to action for whitelisting:

“One last note, to ensure you get the newsletter, add to your contacts.”

Blogging Business Owner Substack Newsletter

The introduction email is the best place to raise awareness about connecting with your subscribers. Frequently, subscribers want to learn more about your business. As part of the customer journey, they are often curious to communicate with you on additional platforms. 

Your welcome email is one of the best ways to let your subscribers know where to find you online and how to get in touch. 

There are various ways to announce your social media. Here are some ideas.
  • Add a call to action for subscribers to add you on each platform.
  • Add links to your social media profile.
  • Add images with clickable links.
  • Add your link Tree URL with your social media links.
  • Direct them to your “about me” page

If there are other additional ways to get in touch with you, be sure to let your subscribers know. Encourage subscribers to reply to your email, send you an email through your “contact me” page, or leave a voice message. 

Deliver your incentive

In today’s marketing strategies, incentives or freebies are an integral part of the customer service process. If you’ve promised a freebie or download, be sure to deliver the motivation immediately. To spruce things up, you can add an automatic download with ConvertKit. 

Another idea is to add a password to your password-protected resource page where subscribers can visit and download helpful information. 

Here is an example of what your resource page invitation may look like:

“Resource Library: You can access the resource library with the code: XXX2021.”

Blogging Business Owner Substack Newsletter

Write more engaging welcome emails today.

Now that you know the fundamentals of writing a welcome email, I would like to share with you an example of my welcome email. 

Blogging Business Owner Substack welcome email

Now that you have seen my welcome email, here are a few things to point out!


I start my email with a warm welcome and let the subscriber know precisely how I feel. “Welcome. It’s good to have you here.” The first sentence is purposely written in a casual and friendly tone to set the mood for the email. Take note of the format and the structure. Bold at the top and a short sentence that follows it points to an informal conversation and encourages the reader to continue to read. 


I add a short sentence that shares the frequency of newsletters and the topic for each newsletter. I end this paragraph with an invitation back to my website if the subscriber wants to know more about me. I communicate the frequency and an invitation for more information by stating, “Every week I share my take on all things related to owning and managing an online blogging business. You will receive an email from me each time a blog is published. You can read more on my about page.


One perk of subscribing to my newsletter is receiving exclusive subscriber access to the resource library. There is no way to access the resource library via the website, and on top of that, it is password protected. As it is so exclusive, the resource library becomes a highly sought-after perk. Possible access to it encourages subscribers to open my welcome email.

The invitation to the resource library is made with one sentence, “You can access the resource library with the code: XXX2021.” By using one short sentence, the incentive stands out more and is easily understood.

Perks and benefits 

I add value to the subscription by briefly explaining what subscribers will receive by reading each email. This section is essential to encourage a high email open rate, not just for the welcome email but also for all future emails. Here is an excerpt from my introduction email:

What I can do for you

  • I can show you how to earn money.
  • I share and teach strategies and resources that have saved me hours of stress on how to run an online blogging business– saving you time and money!


The following elements are essential:

  • Thanking the subscriber
  • Setting expectations
  • Congratulating the subscriber
  • Summarizing the benefits of subscribing
  • Setting a time to connect

Here is how I do this in just four sentences. 

Welcome to the family! is our place to connect and grow in our business journey, and you’ve taken the first step by signing up for this newsletter. I promise you’ll feel smarter, act faster, and make better decisions at work and in life. See you Friday.

Blogging Business Owner Substack Welcome Email

Adding value to your newsletter is essential to keep your subscribers engaged and looking forward to your next connection. 


The signature is one of the most critical sections of your email because it reflects the relationship that you have with your subscriber. For example, writing “regards” is an entirely different feeling from stating “yours.” 

In my newsletter, I like to remind subscribers of the benefits of staying subscribed with a bit of swagger. I do this by closing with “life is so rich, Ana.” Adding my first name at the end of the signature adds an element of casual friendliness.


Now that I have the subscribers’ attention and like me, it’s time for the call to action! I add a short note at the end with a solid and compelling call to action. 

One last note, to ensure you get the newsletter, add to your contacts.

Blogging Business Owner Substack Newsletter

I reserve the last line for the call-to-action because subscribers are more likely to follow through with a request when motivated. I gain the subscriber’s trust with the email and provide volumes of value before asking subscribers to take action. Once the subscriber is aware of what they can get from the interaction, they are more likely to comply with my request and add me as a contact.

As you can see, these are the main sections that appear in my welcome email. I find that it works well for me, so it might do the trick for your email list too. 

Tip: Getvero has twenty-one different welcome email examples to look at.

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

That covers the basics of a welcome email. Here are some tips and answers to the most common queries about welcome emails. 

How to write welcome email subject lines

When you write a subject line, be sure to keep it concise and eye-catching. Something as simple as “Welcome to [blog name]” is enough to indicate what the message is about. 

The most significant reason for a person to open an email is because of the sender. The second most popular reason people open emails is because of the subject line. 

Make your subject line inviting and clear. By providing a clear purpose for your email, subscribers are enticed to open that first email. Be mindful that your email may not appear in the subscriber’s primary inbox. It is essential to ensure that your email stands out.

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Welcome your new subscribers with a welcome email! Share the benefits of becoming a subscriber, the newsletter frequency, and a call-to-action. Your subscribers are expecting to hear from you. They are more likely to continue to read your following newsletters and make a purchase with a welcome email. 


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