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Income Report for April 2021: What worked, what didn’t, plans, and how I made money


If you’re looking to make money from your blog, look no further! I’m here to share with you my monthly blogging income report. In this post, I’ll be outlining the steps that I took to make money blogging on my own website. It’s not an easy task, but it’s certainly worth it.

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Previous recap reports

The following is a summary of last month’s objectives, tasks completed, and income from each source.

Substack Newsletter 

This month I started Substack Newsletter. It’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s easy to set up, and I gained 2 subscribers in just one month! Best of all, Substack users receive a feed of recommended newsletters, making it easier to get discovered. 


This month I focused on strategies for promotion. So far, I have a list of blogs and have connected with podcasters. I hope that we can soon have podcast guests with a live and edited show. 


This month, I’ve pitched two companies’ sponsorship opportunities. In addition, I began to look into monetization opportunities with surveys and improving affiliate marketing. 

April Income report 

Incomes and expenses are two important words to keep in mind when running a business. How these are recorded on the financial statements will tell you a lot about my company’s health, so it’s a good idea to be aware of what they represent. Here is a listing of the incomes earned and expensed by Blogging Business Owners.


The total expenses for Blogging Business Owner were $591. Here is an itemized list. 

$591 of Total Expenses Cloudways, Zapier, and Upwork


I am proud of our income this month. This is by far the most I’ve made on Blogging Business Owner to date!

Total income of $21.63 from survey’s and podcast


In total, I am in the negative this month and glad of a narrowing gap. 

Total revenue of $-569.37

In April, I came out with about $500 in the negative. Here’s hoping that the next month will be positive. 

Top Companies 

This month I signed up with more affiliates I’ve been working with. Below is a list of affiliate companies:

ConvertKit: ConvertKit supports small businesses with email marketing, e-commerce stores, and much more. I use ConvertKits free landing pages for months before starting my blog. It helped me create my email list and gave me a URL to start posting on my social media pages. 

Ad Inserter Pro: Ad Inserter Pro is an ad management plugin to customize the placement of ads on your website. This is a blogger’s best-kept secret! This website gives free trials to make comprehensive outlines for your next blog. It is definitely worth a visit, and I would love to know how it’s helped your business in the comment section. 

Website Policies: This service helps me sleep at night! Having a website means having a responsibility to disclose your privacy policy with users. Website Policies helps you set up your policy privacy in minutes. I love that users can buy multiple approaches such as return policy and disclosures, all on the same website.  

Cloudways: This is a cloud hosting service that gives new users free trials to use their service. It is easy to scale your business and set up your website. 

IvoryMix: Stock photos, Pinterest and Instagram templates, Freebie templates, Facebook group, and tutorials all on Ivory Mix! You can start for free and sign up to receive membership information. 

Grammarly: Grammarly checks your grammar as you are writing to improve readability. It is powered by a complex AI algorithm to support your writing. 

SmashBaloon: This is a plug-in for your website to displays your Instagram feed.

Tailwind: Your one-stop for Pinterest marketing, promotion, and scheduling.

WriteSonic: Writing tools to generate high-performing ads, blogs, landing pages, product descriptions, and more.

Shortly.AI: Is your writing assistant, with just a click of a button shortly, generate a story and generate ideas for your story development. Whether you need support with writing blogs or storytelling, Shortly is here to help. Conversion is a copywriting tool that uses machine learning to write high-converting copy. Use Conversion for sales and marketing messages in seconds.

Later: Later is the leading visual marketing platform that allows you to plan, schedule, publish, and measure results on your favorite social media platforms. 

 For a complete list of recommendations, visit the recommendations page.


When looking at the analytics for web pages, I look for conversions into more visits and traffic. The most crucial aspect of web analytics is knowing when I’m getting enough traffic from social media accounts, user behavior, and monetization. 

Social Media

This month all of my social accounts boasted of growth!

Social media followers total and compared to previous month’s


I surpassed the 100 followers marked with Instagram and unlocked the audience analytics feature. Blogging Business Owner’s Instagram audience comprises 25-34-year-olds, with an even split of women and men. 

Instagram analytics screenshot of gender and age range demographics

Within Instagram, every metric experienced an increase this month. 

Instagram Analytics screenshot from April, 2021 for accounts reached, content interactions, and total followers

Growth is primarily due to consistency on the platform, with one IGTV per week and about two stories and feed posts per day. 

Google analytics screenshot for a summary of total posts (except Reels)

I am happy with the unlocking of the 100 followers mark. My next focus is to increase engagement through stories. 


This month on Twitter, the total number of tweets decreased, impacting Tweet impressions, profile visits, and mentions. I’ve improved in the number of followers but could have grown more if more tweets had been published. 

Screenshot of Twitter analytics

Clearly, Twitter requires a lot more content to perform well. I’ll increase my tweet frequency for the next month. 


I managed to grow Blogging Business Owner’s (BBO) LinkedIn account to over 400 connections. I’ve joined several groups to promote content and increase business relationships. 


On Reddit, I earned one follower and have connected with several creators. 


Pinterest experienced tremendous growth this month. For the first week of April, I decided to decrease posting stories, and I took a huge hit! I went from 150K monthly views to 80K. It took about two weeks to recover, and during the last week of April, I surpassed my score of 150K to a whopping 240K!

Pinterest profile screenshot with 124 followers and 244K monthly views

You can see that my total audience has not totally recovered from my experiment back in early April. However, all other metrics are up!

Screenshot of overall Pinterest analytics (Impressions, Total audience, Engagements, and Engaged Audience)

My top pins have all been story pins! The 79K impression pin was only published on stories, and the next two were first published on Pinterest as stories and later as regular pins. 

Top pins for the month of April, 2021

Pinterest is a long-term social media strategy! I plan on continuing to post on the platform even more aggressively for the rest of the year. I use Pinterest to find new blogs and am sure others do too. I am excited to find ways to increase engagement.


I am proud of the growth the podcast has enjoyed in the last month. Not only did it more than double in plays, it more than quadrupled bringing in $1.63.

During April, total plays decreased, experiencing the most plays in the first half and dropped the last half. This can be attributed to the easing COVID restrictions and people returning back to work. 


I use WordPress (WP) for the BBO website. The following is a recap of April’s analytics. 

WordPress analytics for pageviews, bounce rate, time-on-site, sessions, and users
Month 1Month 2
Bounce Rate (percentage)6252
Time-on-site (minutes)21.2
WordPress analytics in text form for pageviews, sessions, bounce rate, time-on-site, and users

In total, the site was impacted by the easing COVID restrictions. Fewer people have visited the site but there have been more page views per session. 

Sessions and Pageviews

Overall there was a 24% drop in sessions with almost a doubling in pageviews. 

Month 1Month 2
WordPress total pageviews and sessions for month 1 and 2

Bounce Rate 

The bounce rate dropped by ten percent from last month to a whopping 52% bounce rate in April. I’ll focus on improving BBO’s load speed in May to further lower the bounce rate. 

Top Pages 

The most trafficked page is the home page, with 34% of visitors clicking on the page and spending 24 seconds on it. The second page that experiences the most traffic is the 2nd month of the blogging income report with an average of 4 minutes on-site. 


The total time on site has dropped by 30 seconds to 1 minute and 54 seconds. 

Traffic Sources

The traffic sources have shifted to be dominantly direct and organic search. Though the stream of traffic is more unpredictable the site has overall experienced a spike in users in mid-April. 

With 75% of traffic coming directly from organic and direct sources, it points to excellent SEO practices and content management. 

Related: SEO and Content Management

Overall the social channel that pushes the most traffic is Pinterest. 

A report for Later and Recurpost validated the outbound clicks. 

Substack Newsletter

During April, the BBO Substack newsletters grew by two subscribers. 

Substack released stats this month. I am still confused about the representation of each item and why the two subscribers are not shown in the stats. The substack newsletter has a three-tiered subscriber option with a resource library for paid subscribers. 

What worked 

In reflection of this month’s wins here is a summary. 

Social Media

This month I ran a short experiment of pulling back on my posting frequency for Pinterest stories and Instagram Reels. After a week of decreasing my posting frequency with zero predictability. 

Once I returned to my regular posting schedule, I saw a significant spike on Instagram Reels. However, on Pinterest, my views dropped by 50%, and it took me about two weeks to regain my previous monthly thoughts and then doubled it the last week of April. 

Substack Newsletter

Growing BBO’s email list is always a priority. Substack has allowed me to gain followers in the first month and open a paid subscribers section. 

What failed 

I’m not sure that anything failed. Due to the pullback on COVID restrictions, more people have returned to in-person work but have maintained social distancing. As people return to work, most have opted to drive and have slowly started to use public transportation. 

With more people experiencing transitions, there is less time for hobby reading and starting a side business. This is probably why the time-on-site and total sessions dropped. However, the BBO visitors visited more pages than the month before, which indicates an interest in the topic. 

What I’ll be working on next month 

Now that I reviewed this month’s wins and grew, indicating. Here is a list of my focus for May. 

Instagram stories for engagement

Now that I’ve gained 100 followers on Instagram, it’s time to focus on engagement. This month I’ll use the following strategies:

  • Send a welcome message to each new follower
  • Consistently react to followers content
  • Embed engagement strategies through stories

While Instagram did not drive traffic to my site, it is a viable promotion for upcoming sales. 

Increase frequency of tweets

I’ve increased the frequency of Tweets published by Recurpost per day. In addition to posting more, I’ll continue to display Twitter cards for links in the post. 

Improve the load speed for mobile and desktop

More and more people are accessing the BBO website through their mobile devices. Load speed on mobile is a great focus and general maintenance for desktop. 

Continue to contribute to the Substack Newsletter

The Substack newsletter has been a great transition to grow my email list. I’ve added resources to the paid subscribers thread on Substack and will continue to add resources. 

Future plans for my blogging business 

Here are plans for the business.

From Email Course to Ebook/ Course

I wrote an email course at the beginning of the year. However, because of the limitations of Substack, I would not significantly schedule an individual sequence. Instead of an email course, I am considering an ebook or a course. 


There are two courses that I am considering. 

  1. Pinterest Growth 
  2. GPT-3 and blogging

I’ve enjoyed tremendous growth on Pinterest and have received a lot of questions regarding it. I would like to share how to grow on Pinterest. 

Despite GPT-3 access has not been around for long, great software can support bloggers, marketers, and business owners with content. Due to the short amount of time developers have had to train the technology and the limitations in GPT-3 it has excellent potential. 

Tips to Become a Blogger 

After one more month of blogging, here are some blogging tips:

Focus on SEO from the beginning. You can use search engine optimization to rank higher in Google. SEO is about making your website content understandable and easy to find with keywords often searched by Google users. This also includes keywords containing synonyms or different phrasings of the word. It’s a good idea to have quotation marks within your keyword phrases to be interpreted as separate words and not just one phrase with lots of repeating words. 


I hope you found my blogging income report to be informative. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. I’m happy to give my best answer(s).

Thanks for reading.



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